Completed Projects

Explore completed projects funded by the Nevada Brownfields Program to learn more about the variety of sites and activities that the Program supports. For more information on each project, click on the project name for an informational fact sheet.

Carson City
Carson City

Nevada Rural Housing Authority Headquarters

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on a single-family home. 
Churchill County

Churchill Senior Center

  • Groundwater monitoring associated with new construction.
Clark County
Las Vegas

Las Vegas Historic Westside Valley View

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments on four parcels occupied by a former church. The  City of Las Vegas has developed the Historic Urban Neighborhood Design Redevelopment Plan to redevelop the vacated and blighted properties in the neighborhood and promote economic development. The property consists of three parcels with three buildings: a two-story events/meeting/kitchen building constructed before 1950; a one-story 1,200 sq. ft. residential/storage building constructed in 1946; and a one-story church building constructed in 1965. Initial redevelopment plans for the parcels include affordable housing and retail.

Henderson Police Training Facility

  • Site assessment and excavation of lead-contaminated soil at the former firing range.

Cornerstone Park

  • Soil, surface water, and groundwater assessment of a former gravel mine that has since been redeveloped into a community park. 
Las Vegas

Symphony Park

  • Site assessment and soil and groundwater management during the redevelopment of a former railyard into a mixed-use development with a museum, performing arts center, and medical treatment/research center. 

Moapa Paiute Indian Reservation

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments and subsequent asbestos and lead-based paint abatement of commercial, agricultural, and administrative buildings.
Las Vegas

Cabana Dr. & Flamingo Rd.

  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments of an undeveloped lot being considered for school expansion. 
North Las Vegas

Old Pumphouse Building

  • Site Assessments of a vacant property proposed for redevelopment into a school district healthcare facility. 
Las Vegas

Las Vegas Armory

  • Remedial excavation of a former National Guard Armory that has since been redeveloped into a community center.

Henderson Redevelopment Agency Sites

  • Site assessments of former residentially developed properties in preparation for mixed-use redevelopment. 
Douglas County

Former Eagle Gas Station

  • Site assessment and removal of above and underground storage tanks at a former gas station in preparation for redevelopment into a community information center and meeting space. 
Elko County

Owyhee Combined School

  • Soil and groundwater assessment and site remediation at a school with soil contaminated by multiple heating oil and diesel fuel spills. 

City of Wells Mixed Use Redevelopment 

  • Site assessment for properties along the City of Wells' downtown corridor, which has been prioritized for redevelopment. 

Former Ranch House Casino & Café & Vacant 7-Acre Parcel

  • Assessment and excavation of contaminated soil and distribution piping at a former casino and gas station in preparation for mixed-use redevelopment. 

State Hotel

  • Asbestos and lead-based paint assessment and abatement at an abandoned historic hotel in preparation for demolition and redevelopment. 
Esmeralda County

Lambertucci-Roma Ranch

  • Site assessment for a 605-acre property with an extensive history of mining, commercial development, and residential development. 
Silver Peak

Silver Peak Gas Station

  • Site assessment of a former gas station in preparation for demolition and/or redevelopment. 
Silver Peak

Silver Peak Dew Drop Inn

  • Site assessment of a former motel and restaurant in preparation for demolition and/or redevelopment. 
Lander County
Battle Mountain

Belaustegui Park

  • Site assessment and site cap on a former railroad loading yard in preparation for redevelopment into a community park. 
Lincoln County

Old Panaca Pre-School

  • Site assessment and abatement of asbestos containing building materials and lead-based paint in a preschool building in preparation for renovation. 
Mineral County

Former Hawthorne Landfill

  • Assessment and characterization of a former municipal landfill, consolidation of solid waste, and proper disposal of asbestos containing materials. 

Babbitt Bowling Alley

  • Asbestos abatement on an abandoned military bowling alley in preparation for redevelopment.
Nye County

Former Silver Strike Motel

  • Site assessment, removal of heating oil tanks, soil excavation and backfill, and abatement of asbestos, PCBs, and lead-based paint at an abandoned motel in preparation for demolition and redevelopment with a fire station and community park.

Tonopah Airport

  • Site assessment of 1,700 acres formerly used as a military and municipal airfield in preparation for site redevelopment.

Belvada Hotel

  • Site assessment and asbestos and lead-based paint abatement of an abandoned residential and commercial building in preparation for renovation and redevelopment. 

Tonopah Convention Center

  • Assessment of convention center building and surrounding property for the presence of asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, and soil contamination. 

Bob Rudd Community Center

  • Assessment and cost-benefit analysis of cleanup activities for asbestos and lead-based paint contamination at a community center. 

Lakeview Golf Course

  • Site assessment of an abandoned golf course in preparation for purchase by the County and continued use as a public golf course. 

Gabbs Recreation Hall

  • Site assessment and abatement of asbestos, lead-based paint, and PCBs for an abandoned community center in preparation for a demolition and rebuild. 

Nye County Regional Medical Center

  • Site assessment of vacated hospital buildings and hazardous building materials survey for asbestos and lead-based paint. 


Storey County
Storey County

Gooseberry Mine

  • Site assessment & characterization of contamination, cleanup planning, and community engagement for former underground mine in preparation for reclamation and redevelopment. 
Washoe County

Truckee River Flood Project

  • Site assessments of mixed-use commercial development in preparation for demolition and conversion to open space. 

RTC 4th Street Station & Centennial Plaza Transit Center

  • Site assessments for potential transit center locations. 

West 2nd St. & Stevenson St.

  • Site assessment of a public parking lot in preparation for potential redevelopment. 

Former Jean’s Barbershop

  • Site assessment and cleanup of underground storage tanks and surrounding soil on a former commercial property in preparation for building demolition and redevelopment with affordable housing. 

Freight House District

  • Site assessment of the former freight station in preparation for mixed-use commercial redevelopment and revitalization. 

Dodd-Beals Fire Academy

  • Site assessments in preparation for cleanup and eventual site reuse. 

Lenox Hotel

  • Site assessment of a former hotel in preparation for building demolition and redevelopment. 

Reno Downtown Events Center

  • Site assessments of former auto repair facilities & gas stations in preparation for construction of the Events Center. 

Reno Sparks Indian Colony

  • Site assessment and cleanup of extensive soil contamination on a former industrial site in preparation for redevelopment of a new Walmart store. 
White Pine County

Nevada Northern Railway Museum

  • Characterization and cleanup of hazardous waste stored throughout the active railway property to improve safety for the visiting public. 

Old White Pine County Landfill

  • Characterization, consolidation, and capping of solid waste on a former municipal landfill in preparation for residential redevelopment of adjacent site. 

Former Lackawanna Mill

  • Site assessment and cleanup of PCB-impacted soil on a former mill site in preparation for additional remediation and eventual redevelopment. 

Ruth Elementary School

  • Site assessment and cleanup of asbestos containing materials on a long-vacant school building to facilitate demolition and redevelopment. 

McGill Ball Park

  • Site assessment and abatement of PCB-containing materials on a community ball park in preparation for additional cleanup and facility refurbishment. 

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