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Build Your Career. Build a Clean Nevada.

When you get a job at NDEP, you’re joining a team of nearly 260 full-time engineers, environmental scientists, and administrative professionals dedicated to preserving and enhancing Nevada's environment. Play your part in ensuring that Nevada continues to support healthy communities and ecosystems for decades to come.


Protect the Environment

Work with industries and businesses to make sure regulations are met and Nevada’s environment is protected.


Preserve Nevada’s Beauty

Conduct vital research to ensure Nevada’s pristine waters and vibrant landscape can be enjoyed for generations.


Support Sustainability

Assist programs working to bring sustainable solutions to the Silver State.



Search Open Positions

You can review and apply for any current job opening with NDEP at https://careers.nv.gov/.

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Search by Agency

You can filter your search by using the Agency dropdown menu and selecting our department, Conservation and Natural Resources. You can refine your search by using the search boxes.


Search by Careers

You can also filter your search by using the Careers dropdown menu and selecting a category such as Agriculture and Conservation or Engineering and Allied. You can refine your search by using the search boxes.



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