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“Our mission is to protect public health and the environment by providing oversight, guidance, and support, while fostering collaboration with safe drinking water partners.”



Safe drinking water is vital to the public health, welfare and economy of Nevada. The moment a person opens a drinking water tap it represents perhaps the most intimate connection between public trust and the government's duty to protect public health. Unlike many other day-to-day government activities, drinking water regulation has a direct and immediate effect on the well being of every citizen.



News and Program Updates



July 2021 – Interest in drinking water system compliance is high. The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water reviews compliance data from about 600 public water systems based on State and Federal regulations. If a water system’s data exceeds a maximum contaminant level or an action level, we refer to that system as being non-compliant. Nevada currently has 24 systems that are non-compliant with health-based primary drinking water standards and 12 additional systems that are non-compliant with other secondary drinking water standards. This report, Nevada Public Water Systems in Non-Compliance with Drinking Water Standards - PDF, will be updated quarterly.



Lead in Nevada’s Drinking Water



Since February 2016, the issue of lead in drinking water gained a lot of national attention. The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has developed a Lead Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page regarding lead and Nevada’s efforts to keeps our drinking water safe. NDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water has also developed a table listing current lead compliance data for public water systems in Nevada.



Current lead compliance data (March 2021) (pdf)



Specific water system information can also be accessed through the NDEP’s Drinking Water Watch website. Please use Internet Explorer to access this site. Your water system will be listed on your water bill. If you don’t get a water bill (i.e. you live in an apartment), ask your housing manager for that information.



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