When to Submit Plans

When to Submit Plans

All water projects must be submitted to the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water for review prior to construction. The only exceptions are projects involving normal maintenance of the facility and the repair of any facilities of a public water system in an emergency. Projects to reline or recoat storage tanks must be submitted.


Operator Requirements 

Community and Non-Transient Non-Community waters system require an operator, certified by the BSDW, to be in charge of the water system. Operator Certification Program regulations are found at NAC 445A.617 to 445A.652

Before Placing a Completed Water Project into Service Before a water project is placed into service, the following is required to be submitted to the BSDW for review and approval:

  1. A letter from the design engineer or a representative of the water system acceptable to the BSDW stating that the water project was constructed in substantial compliance with the approved plans and specifications. Note that any major changes to the plans and specifications during construction, which would affect the quality or quantity of water, must be submitted to BSDW for review and approval.
  2. Information that the water project was disinfected to appropriate AWWA Standards.
  3. Submittal of any required bacteriological sample results.
  4. If a new water storage tank is constructed or an existing tank has a new interior coating applied, both volatile organic chemical (VOC) and bacteriological sample results are required. VOC's must be below maximum contaminant levels and bacteriological results must be absent before a tank can be put into service.
  5. For new public water systems you must receive a Permit to Operate from the BSDW. This process can take 3-10 working days to complete and must be accounted for by the project proponent.

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