Compliance Monitoring Data Portal

Compliance Monitoring Portal (CMDP)

The CMDP is an online reporting application that that allows certified laboratories and public water systems to report compliance monitoring data directly to the NDEP-BSDW. The CMDP is maintained by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and is available in two versions: Pre-Production (Testing) and Production.

The NDEP-BSDW intends to replace current compliance reporting methods with CMDP by the end of 2019. Laboratories will transition from the pre-production to the production version of CMDP on an individual basis.  The guide below will provide users a general overview of CMDP.

CMDP NDEP Training (PDF)

EPA has established the CMDP Help Center to provide training materials and a Knowledge Base to assist all CMDP users. In addition to the materials provided here by the NDEP-BSDW, all reporters are encouraged to visit the CMDP Help Center to become familiar with relevant training material prior to requesting access to the application.

Register for CMDP Test/Pre-Production Environment

The CMDP Pre-Production environment allows reporters to get familiar with the CMDP and serves as a testing environment. All reporters must register to use CMDP Pre-Production and complete the recommended testing prior to receiving approval to report compliance data through CMDP Production. Review the SCS Registration Guide to learn how to register for the CMDP. In addition, Section 2.3 of the CMDP Role Registration User Guide, available from the CMDP Help Center, provides a detailed, step by step registration sequence for Laboratory (Lab) and Public Water System (PWS) Administrators.

All Lab and PWS Administrators must be approved by a State CMDP Administrator prior to accessing the CMDP. Lab and PWS Administrators will then be able to approve additional CMDP users for their organizations following Section 2.4 of the CMDP Role Registration User Guide.

SCS Registration Guide (PDF)
CMDP Role Registration User Guide (PDF)

Once you have reviewed the relevant guides, begin the registration process by requesting access through EPA CROMERR Shared Services (SCS) Test environment at:

Learn to Use the CMDP

Once you have registered with SCS Test, you are ready to begin testing in CMDP after reviewing the available training materials. The Sample Validation and Submission Guide outlines the steps taken to generate, validate, and submit a CMDP sample data file to the State. Read through this document thoroughly before continuing.

NDEP Sample Validation and Submission Guide (PDF)

In addition to the NDEP-BSDW Sample Validation and Submission Guide, the EPA has developed extensive training materials, along with video tutorials, to assist labs and PWS learning how to use the application. These documents and videos can be found on the CMDP Help Center website.

Begin by watching and/or reviewing the Introduction to the CMDP material for an overview of the program. Please be aware some of the information presented in the introduction does not apply to lab and PWS personnel, and instead it applies to the State.

Introduction to the CMDP (video tutorial and PDF)
CMDP User Manual (PDF)

While there are a number of CMDP reporting options, including on-line data entry forms, web services, and XML file upload, the NDEP-BSDW primarily encourages use of the XML file upload method, using CMDP Templates (MS Excel files) to generate the XML file. Relevant training for this approach includes the following CMDP Help Center For Labs and Public Water Systems (PWS) content:

Chem-Rad-DBP - Excel Submission Guide (DOCX)
Total Coliform - E.coli - Excel Submission Guide (DOCX)

Manually Upload Files (video tutorial and DOCX)
Submission Workflow (video tutorial and DOCX)
Entering PWS and Lab Profiles (video tutorial and DOCX/PDF)
Searching Samples (video tutorial and DOCX)

Perform CMDP Pre-Production Testing

Once you have registered and reviewed the appropriate guidance material, refer to the Pre-Production Testing Guide to complete your testing against the Pre-Production testing environment.

Please submit your feedback or questions to the CMDP support email listed below. Be sure to include your name, the title of the laboratory, a clear description of the issue or question, and any other supporting information. If you run across issues in the testing environment, contact the NDEP-BSDW’s CMDP Helpdesk for assistance.

CMDP Pre-Production Link
Pre-Production Testing Guide (PDF)
Submit Feedback or Questions to:

Register for CMDP Production

Upon successfully testing and demonstrating that accurate compliance monitoring data can be reported using the CMDP Pre-Production environment, Lab and PWS Administrators will be invited to request access to CMDP Production.

All reporters will follow the same process to register for CMDP Production by creating a new set of credentials and requesting access to the production application. The Lab or PWS Administrator will then coordinate with NDEP-BSDW ( to establish a final date to switch from existing reporting method to reporting through CMDP Production.

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