Water System Facilities and Components

Water Quality — A supplier of water shall, within any applicable economic, technical and legal limitations, obtain water from the best source available. Any new sources of water must conform to drinking water standards, per NAC 445A "Public Water Systems Water Quality". Here are the required water quality tests for the appropriate type of public water system (Community, Non-Transient Non-Community, or Transient Non-Community). Please ensure that the laboratory chosen to perform the analyses is properly certified by NDEP to do so for each method requested.

Plan Reviews per NAC 445A — Refer to the following NAC 445A sections for specific regulatory requirements regarding public water systems design and operation. Verify that all components are addressed and meet the minimum requirements of NAC 445A. To view all "Regulations for Public Water Systems" see NAC 445A.450 and to view all regulations for "Water Controls" generally, see NAC 445A.

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