Engineering Reviews

Plan Submittal The design and construction of facilities and components of the water system must be in accordance with State requirements, detailed in the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 445A "Public Water Systems Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance". Reference to standards for design and construction of a water system are found in NAC 445A.66685. Submitted engineering plans must be "wet stamped" on each sheet by an engineer registered in the State of Nevada and will be reviewed for conformance with the relevant sections of the NAC 445A. In addition to submission of plans and technical specifications, an "Application for Approval of a Water Project" must also be submitted. The engineering plans and specifications must be approved by the BSDW prior to construction. Plan approval prior to bidding a project is highly recommended as NDEP review can result in revision to plan design components.

Engineering Review Update: 

Revised Engineering Regulations — The new regulatory changes to the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) governing the Design, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Public Water Systems were presented to the State Environmental Commission (SEC) in September 2022 and were given final approval by the Nevada Legislative Commission on December 28, 2022. The proposed amendments (R104-22 (Redlines) and Final Version) to regulations were submitted at the recommendation of Bureau of Safe Drinking Water at NDEP and stakeholders in the Engineering Review Workgroup.  The purposes for the amendments were to:

  • Update the standards and publications by reference;
  • Revise various design requirements for pumping facilities; and
  • Revise cross-connection control regulations to remove the requirement that a condominium or townhouse served by a single water service lateral require a reduced pressure principle assembly on the service connection. The supplier of water may still require a cross-connection control device on the water lateral. *Cross-connection control devices are still required on fire service laterals.*

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