Drinking Water Operator Certification

Water Operator Certification Program

Nevada’s Drinking Water Operator Certification Program protects public health and the environment by having certified drinking water operators in direct responsible charge of drinking water treatment plants and water distribution systems. Trained and certified operators are necessary to ensure that public water systems are managed in a manner that fully protects public health and the environment. These persons must obtain a fully certified operator certificate issued by the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection.

Nevada Revised Statutes 445A.875 through 445A.880 are the rules that govern the public water system operator certification program. The implementation and enforcement of the regulations governing this program falls under the authority of NDEP's Bureau of Safe Drinking Water.

The new regulatory changes to the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) governing the Drinking Water Operator Certification Program were presented to the State Environmental Commission (SEC) in February 2018 and were given final approval by the Nevada Legislative Commission on May 16, 2018.  The proposed amendments (R156-17) to regulations were submitted at the recommendation of Bureau of Safe Drinking Water at NDEP and the Water and Wastewater Operators Forum’s Program Review Subcommittee.  The purposes amendments were to:

  • Ensure that Nevada’s drinking water operators have the appropriate levels of education, skill sets, and experience in operations and maintenance of public water systems
  • To ensure that the Nevada Drinking Water Program has sufficient funds to address the needs of the regulated community 
  • To promote professional development and growth for Nevada Drinking Water operators
  • And to offer clarifications and ensure consistency in existing regulations

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