Geothermal & Heat Pump Injection Well

For information on a Underground Injection Control Permit for renewable energy sources.

Industrial and Commercial UIC injection wells

For a permit for these types of wells, please see the UIC Forms page and use forms U200 and U202

The following forms can be found under UIC Forms

  • UIC Well Completion Report Checklist - Form U120
  • Discharge Basin Form - under UIC permits
  • UIC Permit Transfer Form
  • UIC Sample List 1
  • UIC Sample List 2
  • Requests for Tracer Use
  • UIC Requests for Chemical Use

For Projects needing to surface discharge without an UIC permit must obtain a Temporary Discharge Permit from the Bureau of Water Pollution Control using the following application along with the appropriate fee: Temporary Permit Application Form

Residential and Small Commercial heat pump systems

In 2008, the Nevada UIC Program developed a general permit to meet the needs of small residential and commercial open-loop heat pump systems that use a production and injection well, such as the one found below

To be covered by this permit, you must plan on having: For coverage under this permit, submit the information required in the application form below. Once approved, the application is signed and returned to you as the permit. The application fee is $200. No annual fee or reporting, however, all conditions of the permit must be followed for the life of the system. Note: In leaks in either a closed-loop or open-loop system must be reported to the UIC Program.

  1. A well less than 600 feet deep,
  2. Discharging less than 35,000 gallons per day, and
  3. A production and injection well(s) of similar screened interval, or the water from each well must be of similar quality

See more information in the UIC fact sheet below.

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