Infrastructure Financing

The NDEP is tasked with administering loan and grant programs to assist drinking water, wastewater, storm water, and non-point source water systems within Nevada.

“Communities can obtain funding for water and wastewater needs that maintain health, reduce water loss in the arid desert, prevent pollution in our natural resources, and sustain economic vitality in Nevada’s growing economy.” – Jennifer Carr, NDEP Administrator


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ARPA Infrastructure Financing
Infrastructure Financing Public Notices
The Board for Financing Water Projects
Technical Assistance for my drinking water system
Clean Water or Drinking Water Project Priority List
Start to Finish Checklist - Drinking Water Projects
Start to Finish Checklist - Wastewater or Stormwater Project
Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse grants


Does my system qualify for funding?

Clean WaterDrinking Water
What systems and projects qualify for funding?What systems and projects qualify for funding?


I want to apply for Funding:

Pre-applications are accepted through the NV Infrastructure Financial System (NIFS)

                                          Access to NIFS


Current Topics and News:

TopicDateMaterialsVideo Link
SRF Changes Listening SessionApril 2023Power Point Presentation Video of Listening Session
Bipartisan Infrastructure LawMarch 2022PowerPoint Presentation 
Drinking Water (DW) Regulation ChangesDec 2022

DW Regulation Change Announcement

New DW Regulations

     I want to contact the office:

      Email the program: ndep-ofa [at]


Program ManagerJason B. Cooper, CGFM775-687-9531j.cooper [at]
AccountantVacant775-687-9313 [at]
Capacity Development ManagerElizabeth Kingsland775-687-9357ekingsland [at]
Professional EngineerVacant775-687-9331 [at]
Environmental ReviewsKrista Butler, CEM775-687-9423k.butler [at]
Contract ManagerBenjamin Miller775-687-9321b.miller [at]
DrawsKyle Casci775-687-9420kcasci [at]
Vendor BillingMarcy McDermott775-687-9436mmcdermo [at]




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