Anaconda Copper Mine, Lyon County, Nevada

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  1. Is the residence currently connected to a municipal, community, or tribal water system and is the system operational?  If the answer is yes, then bottled water service can be discontinued.
  2. Does the residence currently have access to the above-mentioned water systems, but is not currently connected, and is the domestic well within the currently identified plume boundary? If the answer is yes, offer to connect the resident to the water system and discontinue bottled water service.  If access to municipal water is available, but the homeowner refuses to connect, they will no longer be eligible for bottled water service.
  3. Is the domestic well within the currently identified plume boundary, but does not have access to the above-mentioned water systems AND water from the domestic well has been demonstrated to have total uranium levels greater than 25 μg/L (equivalent to parts per billion).  If the answer is yes, continue bottled water service.
  4. If the resident is not connected to or does not have access to the available water systems, but is located outside the currently identified plume boundary, then bottled water service will be discontinued.

Bottled Water Program Fact Sheet

The historic Anaconda Copper Mine Site (Site) is an abandoned open pit copper mine and processing facility, located in Lyon County’s Mason Valley, in western Nevada. The majority of copper mining, milling and processing at the Site occurred between 1953 and 1978, and secondary milling and processing of ores occurred between 1978 and 2000. 

Today, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) is overseeing site investigations, clean up, and closure actions that are protective of human health and the environment. The goal of this webpage is to enhance the public’s understanding of the current and planned activities at the Site. Designed as a resource to help promote transparency and engage area communities throughout the Anaconda cleanup, this webpage will continue to be updated with the latest information, planned activities, communications materials, and more.

Anaconda Copper Mine Site aerial image 04/03/2008 Atlantic Richfield.

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