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The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP), Certification Program is proposing the amendment of regulations pertaining to Chapter 459 - Hazardous Materials of the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC). These amendments address the Certification of Certain Consultants and Contractors. You can view the full announcement here: 


View the Proposed Code Change here:


The CEM exam will be held at the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) in the Bryant Building at 901 S Stewart St, Carson City, NV. Please follow the below deadlines:

Exam application submittal deadline: TO BE ANNOUNCED
Exam registration deadline: TO BE ANNOUNCED

If you were unable to take the last exam or need to retake the exam, please register as soon as possible.

The State of Nevada requires that certain activities, such as underground storage tank handling and hazardous waste management, be conducted by certified professionals.  NDEP’s Certification Program evaluates and certifies professionals to conduct these activities based on their experience, training, integrity, and competence in their fields.  Once certified, the general public can confidently retain their services. 

We offer the following certifications: Certified Environmental Manager, Underground Tank Handlers, Underground Tank Testers, and ABC Operator Trainers.

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​​What is a Certified Environmental Manager?

An Environmental Manager is a person certified to act as a consultant for:

  • The management of hazardous waste; ​
  • The investigation of a site to determine the release or potential release of a hazardous substance;
  • The sampling of air, soil, surface water or groundwater to determine the release of a hazardous substance;
  • The response to a release of a hazardous substance;
  • The cleanup of a release of a hazardous substance; or
  • The remediation of water or soil contaminated by a hazardous substance.
    NAC 459.9704 (NRS 459.485459.500)

​​What is an Underground Storage Tank Handler?

An Underground Storage Tank Handler is a person certified to install, repair, upgrade or close underground storage tanks.
NAC 459.9705 (NRS 459.485, 459.500

What is an Underground Storage Tank Tester?

An Underground Storage Tank Tester is a person certified to test the tightness of underground storage tanks.
NAC 459.9715 (NRS 459.485, 459.500

What is an ABC Operator Trainer?

An ABC Operator Trainer is a person certified to train and evaluate Class A, Class B, or Class C operators for their knowledge of Underground Storage Tank systems and their requirements.
40 CFR 280, Subpart J NAC 459.99396 (NRS 459.826)

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