Certified ABC Operator Trainer

Class A, B and C (ABC) Operators are persons who must be trained or pass a comparable exam that provides specific knowledge and responsibilities associated with underground storage tank system management. (40 CFR 280.242a-c

To ensure ABC Operators have access to training that meets federal and state requirements, NDEP provides a certification program for ABC Operator trainers.  This way, the public can be assured that Class ABC Operators receive proper training in all relevant aspects of the operation, maintenance and regulation of their UST systems.  (LCB File No. R123-16)

If you are interested in hiring an ABC Operator Trainer, refer to our list of Certified ABC Operator Trainers.*

*NDEP is initiating a new certification for ABC Operator Trainers.  The companies listed on the Approved ABC Operator Trainers list will be retired February 16, 2018.  To keep your certification and remain on this list, ABC Operator Trainers must submit a new application to NDEP by January 1, 2018.

To remain on the ABC Operator Trainers list or become a new certified ABC Operator Trainer:

Am I qualified to become a certified ABC Operator Trainer?
To become a certified ABC Operator Trainer, you must submit an application that includes the following:

  • A copy of a current Nevada Business License;
  • Demonstrated experience in providing Class A, B and/or C operator training;
  • A copy of your training program and proof it meets the requirements for operator training (40 CFR Part 280, Subpart J);
  • A copy of the training completion certificate provided to trainees showing it meets the requirements for documentation (40 CFR 280.245);
  • Three letters of recommendation; and
  • A statement declaring the details of any pleas of guilty or nolo contendere in any criminal proceeding and of any conviction of a crime.

Does Nevada accept reciprocity from any other State?
No. You must be certified by NDEP as an ABC Operator Trainer to provide training to Class A, B, and/or C operators within the State of Nevada.  No exceptions.  

How long will my certification last?
Your certification is valid for two years.  Six weeks before your certification expires, complete and submit an ABC Operator Trainer Renewal Application and Application Fee.  If certification lapses, you cannot legally continue to provide services in the State of Nevada.  It is the responsibility of the certification holder to apply for renewal in a timely manner.

Contact Us
Please refer any questions to NDEP Bureau of Corrective Actions, Certification Program.

Phone: (775) 687-9368
Email:  cert_info@ndep.nv.gov

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