Discharge to Waters of the State/Working in Waters

NDEP Temporary Permits



Pursuant to the Nevada Revised Statutes, NDEP may issue general or temporary permits for the discharge of pollutants or the injection of fluids through a well (NRS 445A.475 and NRS 445A.485, respectively).

Temporary permits are issued by NDEP for discharges lasting six months (180 days) or less.

Two types of temporary permits and one general permit are issued by NDEP for discharges from specific activities to waters of the State. Applicants may apply for the following permits online:

  • The Temporary Discharge to Waters of the State Permit covers discharges from remediating and disinfection activities, well pump testing, aquifer drawdown testing, dewatering, dust suppression, and other discharges of a temporary nature and requiring immediate action. This permit is required prior to any discharge that may affect directly or indirectly waters of the State.
  • The Working in Waterways Temporary Permit covers temporary working or routine maintenance in surface waters of the State such as channel clearing and minor repairs to intake structures. This permit is required before operating earthmoving equipment in any body of water.
  • The General Permit for Routine Maintenance Activities (GNV9800002 ), formerly a Rolling Stocks permit, allows discharges associated with the use of heavy equipment for necessary routine maintenance activities undertaken with the use of wheeled and tracked heavy equipment or vehicles / rolling stock working in waters of the State. The permit requires the use of appropriate Best Management Practices (BMPs) to minimize water quality impacts.

Permit Applications

Temporary Discharge Permit Application


Temporary Permit Application for Working in Waterways


General Permit Application for Routine Maintenance Activities


All application and reporting forms must include a statement verifying the accuracy of the information submitted and be signed by an authorized person. (NAC445A.231).

Temporary Permit Application Fee — $350.

Temporary Permit duration — Up to 180 days from issuance.

General Permit Application and Annual Fees — $300 each.

General Permit is effective from the date of application approval until termination is requested by the Permittee.

Information requirement

  • Temporary Discharge to Waters of the State Permit: Basic information is required as listed on the Application Forms for various activities.
  • Working in Waterways Permits:
    • A notice of intent (NOI) describing the project including information on the location, purpose and duration of the project; equipment(s) involved and how each will be operated; best management practices (BMPs) to be implemented.
    • Proof of Clearances, if applicable, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Division of State Lands, Division of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Water Quality Planning, and Division of Wildlife from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.
  • Reporting requirements
    Reporting requirements may be required, and the frequency of reporting depends on the project. For Working in Waterways, a BMP may be required. Equipment must be clean and leak free. Restoration may be required following the completion of the project.

Applications are submitted online. Fees and other correspondence should be mailed to:

  • Bureau of Water Pollution Control
    Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
    901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001
    Carson City NV 89701-5249

More Information — Contact NDEP's Carson City office at (775) 687-9418 or Fax (775) 687-4684

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