Onsite Sewage Disposal System Program

Onsite Sewage Disposal System (OSDS) Program


Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems (OSDS) are defined in Nevada's regulation (NAC 445A.9556) as "any existing or proposed on-site system for the treatment and disposal of domestic sewage, including, without limitation, a standard subsurface, alternative or experimental sewage disposal system that may include a treatment unit and an effluent absorption system." It includes a Class V well under subsection 10 of NAC 445A.849. OSDS does not include an individual sewage disposal system as defined in NAC 444.764, a package plant for sewage treatment as defined in NRS 445A.380, or a system designed to treat and dispose of industrial waste.

OSDS permits are required for certain activities by US EPA regulations at 40 CFR 144. In compliance with this regulation, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) has developed the OSDS permitting program for onsite sewage disposal systems. Subsurface discharges of treated wastewater associated OSDS would be covered under the general permit GNEVOSDS09.

Notice: The OSDS General Permit, GNEVOSDS09, has been administratively continued while a permit renewal is being drafted. Renewal notices will be mailed once the new permit has been issued.

User Instructions - We suggest users read the fact sheet and the general permit listed below and related information to determine if your activity would be covered under the Onsite Sewage Disposal System General permit (GNEVOSDS09). Depending the complexity of the OSDS plan, the Administrator of the Division may require an applicant to obtain an individual permit, as allowed for under NRS 445A.480. In such cases, the applicant may apply for an Individual Discharge Permit.

If you are subject to the OSDS General Permit requirements, please complete a Notice of Intent (NOI) to seek coverage under the General Permit GNEVOSDS09 by completing the form (see below.) After completing the form you will need to print this document and mail it, along with all other pertinent information to NDEP at the address indicated. Application and annual fees for the general and individual OSDS permits are listed below.

Note: Nevada regulations require all its Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems to be designed by a registered Nevada professional engineer (P.E.). All plans and calculations shall be wet stamped by the engineer, and the engineer shall be responsible for certifying installation in writing.

Applies to:

Construction and operation of Onsite Sewage Disposal System (OSDS) as defined under statutes (NRS 445A) and regulations (NAC 445A.950 thru 445A.9706).This program includes the installation and operation of septic systems and similar systems in commercial properties.
Note: The onsite collection and temporary holding of domestic sewage from commercial operations are permitted under the Holding Tank general permits: Temporary Holding Tank (GNEVTHT09) and Permanent Holding Tank (GNEVPHT09).

FormsPermit Information


Contact Info.

Bureau of Water Pollution Control
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
901 S. Stewart St., Ste. 4001
Carson City NV 89701
Phone: 775.687.9418 - Fax: 775.687.4684

Washoe County OSDS Systems
OSDS systems within Washoe County, Nevada are now permitted by NDEP.

Clark County OSDS Systems
Below 3,000 gallons in volume capacity are permitted by Southern Nevada Health District. For more information please contact:

Southern Nevada Health District
625 Shadow Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702)759 - 0660

Nye County OSDS Systems
Below 3,000 gallons in volume capacity are permitted by Nye County Building & Safety Department. Please note that the City of Pahrump is currently a "Nitrogen Management Area"; advanced wastewater treatment (de-nitrifying) systems are required.

Nye County Building Safety Department
250 N. Hwy. 160 - Suite 2
Pahrump, NV 89060
Ph: (775) 751-3773
Fax: (775) 751-3778


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