How do I apply?

Steps in the Grant Application Process:

  1. (For drinking water system projects only) Complete and submit a pre-application to get your project on the Drinking Water Priority List
  2. Complete and submit a pre-application to the Nevada Water & Wastewater Review Committee for advice on funding your project
  3. Submit Letter of Intent to NDEP, Office of Financial Assistance
  4. The Board for Financing Water Projects considers for approval the Letter of Intent
  5. If Letter of Intent is approved, applicant submits the Grant Application
  6. The Board for Financing Water Projects considers for approval the Grant Application
  7. Director of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and the applicant enter into a contract specifying the amount and requirements of the grant.


  1. Federal and state funders are working together to help water and wastewater loan and grant applicants determine the best approach to funding their projects.
  2. The Letter of Intent provides information about the water system and all projects necessary for the water system to comply with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The projects may, out of financial necessity, need to be pursued in a phased, multi-year approach.
  3. The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water or the Division of Water Resources as appropriate review both the Letter of Intent and Grant Application

The Office of Financial Assistance is available to assist the applicant during all phases of the process.

Applicants should take the time to review the statutes, regulations, and Board policies for this grant program before submitting any applications.



Grant Application Documents:

Grant Letter of Intent
Grant Application

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