NDEP Regulation Review

As required by Governor Lombardo's Executive Order 2023-003, NDEP completed a comprehensive review of the regulations it enforces and provided a report to the Governor's Office by May 1, 2023. It detailed how those regulations can be streamlined, clarified, or otherwise improved to ensure they provide for the general welfare of the State without unnecessarily inhibiting economic growth. The report provided recommendations for amendments and a list of no less than ten (10) regulations recommended for removal, ranking them in descending order of priority.

NDEP reviewed all regulations subject to its enforcement. Per EO 2023-003, public hearings were held to vet NDEP's recommended changes, solicit input on the merits of the recommended changes, and identify other regulatory changes stakeholders felt worthy of consideration prior to submitting the report to the Governor's Office.

The public workshops were held on Wednesday and Thursday, March 29-30, 2023. Stakeholder input received during the hearings and via email prior to March 31, 2023, was reflected in the report's summary of findings and recommendations.


View the NDEP Reviewed Regulations

View the NDEP Proposed Regulatory Changes

Suggested changes can be viewed by clicking the Proposed Regulatory Changes link above. To listen to the workshop recordings, click the links below. Please note that this was a timed agenda and there are several lengthy periods of silence on this recording. Please fast-forward the recording to listen to the portion you are interested in.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Workshop Recording


Thursday, March 30, 2023
Workshop Recording

Listen to part one of the March 29, 2023, workshop recording (Agenda items 1 through 11)

Listen to part two of the March 29, 2023, workshop recording (Agenda items 12 through 17)

NOTE: Because this was a timed agenda, there are several, lengthy periods of silence on this recording. Please fast forward to the portion of the recording of interest.


Listen to the March 30, 2023, workshop recording

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