NDEP Regulation Review

As required by Governor Lombardo’s Executive Order 2023-003, NDEP is undertaking a comprehensive review of the regulations subject to its enforcement and will be providing a report to the Governor’s office by May 1, 2023 detailing how those regulations can be streamlined, clarified, or otherwise improved to ensure they provide for the general welfare of the State without unnecessarily inhibiting economic growth. The report will provide recommendations for amendments and a list of not less than ten (10) regulations recommended for removal, ranking them in descending order of priority.

Prior to submitting the report to the Governor’s Office, EO 2023-003 requires NDEP to hold a public hearing to vet NDEP’s recommended changes, solicit input as to the merits of NDEP’s recommended changes, and identify other regulatory changes stakeholders feel are worthy of consideration. EO 2023-003 also requires NDEP to reflect stakeholder input in the summary of findings and recommendation included in the report.

View the NDEP Regulations to be Reviewed

Public hearing(s) will be scheduled for the week of March 27 and date(s) will be provided at least 3 days prior to the hearing.

NDEP’s internal review and suggestions to be discussed at the hearing(s) will be provided with the agenda, provided with the hearing notice.

To help NDEP understand input from stakeholders, we have set up an e-mail address at NDEPRegReview23@ndep.nv.gov where suggestions for revisions to regulations can be submitted anytime prior to completion of the hearing(s). NDEP will review submitted suggestions and do our best to address them. We will reflect stakeholder input in the summary of findings and recommendations in the report to the Governor if that input is received no later than March 31, 2023.

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