EPA ID Number Information

How to Obtain an EPA Identification Number

EPA Identification Numbers — Transporters of hazardous waste and generators of greater than 100 kg (220 lbs) per month of hazardous waste are required to obtain a permanent EPA Identification Number. The permanent EPA Identification Number is obtained by submitting a complete EPA Form 8700-12 "Notification of Regulated Waste Activity" application form to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Application forms and instructions are provided from the U.S. EPA hazardous waste data forms internet website.

Emergency EPA Identification Numbers — Emergency EPA Identification Numbers are obtained directly from the U.S. EPA. Contact the U.S. EPA at (800) 300-2193.

Subsequent Notification — If your site already has an EPA Identification Number and you wish to change information (e.g., generator status, new site contact person, new owner, new mailing address, new regulated waste activity, etc.) use U.S. EPA form 8700-12 to submit a subsequent notification.

Deactivating EPA Identification Numbers —Detailed instructions are available at the following link: How to deactivate your EPA Identification Number

Submittal of Completed Forms:
Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Waste Management
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001
Carson City, Nevada 89701-5249

Free Technical Assistance — Should you have any questions or require assistance with determining your hazardous waste status and/or with filling out the application form, please contact the Nevada Small Business Development Center Business Environmental Program at (800) 882-3233.

For Additional Information Contact: Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Carson City E-mail: IDnumber@ndep.nv.gov

NOTE: Applications lacking required information or an original signature will be returned. Issuance of the EPA Identification Number may take up to 15 days from the date that the original, signed and completed form is received by NDEP. Handlers may view information regarding their site online at https://www3.epa.gov/enviro/ (Advanced Capabilities; Queries; RCRAInfo; Search by Facility Name, State, Etc).

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