RCRAInfo Industry Application

Using the RCRAInfo Industry Application


The RCRAInfo Industry Application is the mechanism by which a site that generates and/or manages hazardous waste may submit information electronically to the appropriate regulatory agency.  The application contains the following modules:   

  • myRCRAid – Site Identification (EPA Form 8700-12)
  • Biennial Report - Hazardous Waste Report (EPA Form 8700-13 A/B)
  • e-Manifest - Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest (EPA Form 8700-22) 

The myRCRAid module is available now in Nevada to receive new and subsequent electronic notifications, as well as to submit the Biennial Report.  The e-Manifest module was deployed on June 30, 2018.  

To become a user of the RCRAInfo Industry Application, you must obtain an RCRAInfo Industry Application account.  There is no charge to obtain an account. 


Steps by step instructions for registering as an Industry User are provided below.  You may want to open or print the following directions when using this new electronic system, especially the first time. 

The RCRAInfo Industry User Registration e-learning course is available through LearningZen to assist you with the registration process.  You will need to establish a free account within LearningZen to access this course and other courses associated with the RCRAInfo Industry Application.

Registering as an Industry User

  1. If you are an owner or operator of a site go to U.S. EPA's RCRAInfo Sign In page.
  2. Select the “Register” button to Create a New User by filling in the appropriate information.
  3. Select the “Continue to the Industry User Registration” as an Industry User of the RCRAInfo Industry Application.
  4. Create a user ID and password; you will be asked to submit three (3) answers to personal verification questions.  The answers to these questions are used to reset your password at a later date, if necessary.
  5. You must read and agree to the Terms and Conditions to continue to the next screen.
  6. Enter your organization's information including your work information, then click on "Send Verification Code."
  7. You will receive an email with a verification code.  Enter the code in RCRAInfo and click on "Register."
  8. On the “My Sites” page, select an “Existing Site” or “Request Site ID” to associate with your new Industry User account.  Click on the “Request Access” button.
  9. On the “Request Permissions” page, you must request a permission level associated with your Industry User account for the sites you’ve selected.
    Site Manager
    • Can create, update, and/or certify/submit data across all modules of the RCRAInfo Industry Application. 
    • Can manage other users at your site.  The Site Manager should have a role that includes general management, human resources, accounting, or IT services within the company.
    • Can view billing notices from U.S. EPA for manifest activities.
    • Can obtain an API key for system-to-system interactions with RCRAInfo.
    • None - No permission to view, prepare, or certify a Site ID Form.
    • Viewer – Can view a Site ID Form, but not modify or certify it.
    • Preparer – Can create or update a Site ID Form, but not certify/submit it.
    • Certifier – Can create, update, and/or certify/submit the Site ID Form.
    • Permissions in this module are the same as those identified in the myRCRAid module.

    Click the “Send Request” button to automatically send your request for review and approval to NDEP via email through the RCRAInfo Industry Application.
  10. Logout.  Your registration is complete.  You may not act upon any site until the appropriate permission is granted.
  11. Once your online request is received via email, NDEP will approve or deny your request.  You will receive confirmation of your status via email and any deficient information will be noted. 

Electronic Signature Agreement Required for Site Managers and Certifiers

If you requested to be a Certifier or Site Manager for your site, then identity proofing is required before you may certify and submit documents within any module of the RCRAInfo Industry Application (i.e. use myRCRAid).  Users must complete the Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) one time, even if they are representing hazardous waste sites in different states. 

The agreement will be presented the first time that you log into the industry application AFTER the NDEP approves your status as Certifier or Site Manager.  Identity proofing is accomplished electronically or by paper as follows:

  • Electronic Signature Agreement
    The user enters their information (name, address, SSN, etc.), which goes to Lexis Nexis (a third-party identity verification service), electronically and agrees to the Electronic Signature Agreement (ESA) terms and conditions.  Thereafter, the user answers five (5) questions.  These answers will be required later when signing documents electronically – please take note of them.  Once the identity proofing is completed online, the ESA is recorded and the user can proceed to use myRCRAid.
  • Paper Electronic Signature Agreement (with wet ink signature) mailed to:
         Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
         Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management
         Attn: Notification Staff
         901 S. Stewart St., Suite 4001
         Carson City, NV 78970

Once your signature is verified electronically through RCRAInfo or by submitting a paper form, you may certify and submit data online through the RCRAInfo Industry Application.


The complete online help manual for RCRAInfo is available from the EPA in PDF format.

For Additional Information Contact:

 Nevada Division of Environmental Protection via e-mail: IDnumber [at] ndep.nv.gov.

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