Suspected Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

How to know if you have a potentially Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST)?

Here are some examples:

  • Your leak detection console or automatic tank gauging console has an annular alarm. 
  • Your submerisible turbine sump contains fuel.
  • Your under dispenser containment contains fuel.
  • Your customers complain about slow fuel dispensing.
  • You have noticed a fuel loss while reconciling deliveries and sales.
  • You have an obvious leak from the UST system outside of containment of your system.
  • It could be something outside of these examples.  Keep on trouble shooting until the leak is found!

Do you suspect your underground storate tank (UST) system is leaking? Here are some general steps to take to get the process started. Your conditions could necessitate different actions.

First, Stop the leak!  Then, you need to report the suspected (or confirmed release) to our spill hotline at 1-775-688-2830 or toll free 1-888-331-6337

Interim step: Call our UST program! We can sometimes assist you with trouble shooting your system over the phone and provide interim actions to prevent further release and/or advise you to take your tank or system out of service.  If the conditions necessitate taking the tank out of service.  Please provide proper notification using the USEPA 7530-1 form located here.

Second, You need to investigate what component of your Underground Storage Tank system has failed.  You will need to contact a NDEP certified UST system tester (UTT) and possibly a NDEP certified tank handler (UTH) for repairs. See our UST system testing page here and the NDEP certified tank handlers here.

Third, You will need to investigate the impact to the soil and groundwater if leak has been confirmed. To do this, you need to hire a Certified Environmental Manager (C.E.M) to guide the investigation process. Let's get you started on the path to remediation of your facility!  In addition to hiring a CEM, you may want to review the Site Cleanup Guidance on your own so you are aware of the process the C.E.M will follow.

Why do UST releases need to be cleaned up?

EPA's federal underground storage tank (UST) regulations require contaminated UST sites to be cleaned up to restore and protect groundwater resources and create a safe environment for those who live or work around these sites. Petroleum releases contain contaminants of concern that can make water unsafe or unpleasant to drink. Releases can also result in fire and explosion hazards, as well as produce long-term health effects.

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