UST System Testing

Testing and Working on Underground Storage Tank (UST) Systems

  • Did you get an alarm on your system and need assistance trouble shooting?
  • Do you need to have annual testing accomplished?
  • Did you fail to maintain your leak detection records?

You have come to the right place!

In Nevada, tightness testing of UST systems must be performed by a Nevada certified underground tank tester (UTT). The list of NDEP certified tank testers can be access here.

Certain work (such as installation, repair or closure) on regulated USTs and underground product piping must be performed or supervised by a Nevada certified Underground Tank Handler (UTH). Work on ancillary equipment such as leak detection systems, dispensers and fuel turbines may be performed by a properly trained technician. The list of NDEP certified tank handers can be accessed here.
* For all testing/ repair work that is completed please fill out this document and send it to NDEP-BCA.

Do you have a suspected or confirmed leak from your UST system?

Please visit the Suspected Leaking Underground Storage Tank page for more information and/or Spill Hotline at 1-775-688-2830 or toll free 1-888-331-6337

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