Resources for Underground Storage Tanks

EPA designed part of the technical regulations for underground storage tank (UST) systems to prevent releases from USTs. The regulations require owners and operators to properly install UST systems and protect their USTs from spills, overfills, and corrosion and require correct filling practices to be followed.   

In addition, owners and operators must report the existence of new UST systems, suspected releases, UST system closures, and keep records of operation and maintenance.

UST Notification Form(s)

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USEPA 7530-1 form 

Petroleum Fund database

Ownership Change only form USEPA 6200-10 Form

Additional notification requirements below

If your facility is not located in Clark County or Washoe County, in addition to the USEPA 7530-1 form you must submit the Notification for New Installation, Replacement, or Closure Underground Storage Tank Systems form to our program 30 days prior to these activities in accordance with NAC 459.9947.3 and 40 CFR 280.34

Is your facility in Clark County?  If yes, please contact the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) for specific information on permits and related fees in addition to submitting the notification form.

Is your facility in Washoe County?  If yes, please contact Washoe County Health District (WCHD) for additional information on permits and related fees in addition to submitting the notification form.

Who Must Notify? Section 9002 of Resource Conservation and Recovery  Act (RCRA), as amended, requires owners of USTs storing regulated substances (unless exempted) to notify designated State or local agencies of the existence of their USTs.   The State of Nevada requires any facility changes to facility information or UST system status, must submit a notification form (only amended information needs to be included). 

Notification Requirements 

  • New USTs: If you install a new regulated UST you must notify the NDEP within 30 days of putting the UST into operation.
  • Existing USTs: If you come into ownership of an existing UST you must notify the NDEP. Any person who sells a facility with a regulated UST must inform the purchaser he/she must notify the NDEP of new ownership. The seller should also provide the UST implementing agency with contact information of the new owner.
  • Closing USTs: You must notify the NDEP at least 30 days prior to permanent closure of a regulated UST.

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