Anaconda - Community Involvement At-a-Glance

Community Involvement At-a-Glance

NDEP is committed to community involvement related to the Anaconda Copper Mine Site (ACMS or Site) cleanup process.  Community involvement is the foundation for information exchange with the public, community leaders, elected officials, local landowners, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the federally recognized Yerington Paiute Tribe and Walker River Paiute Tribe (Tribes). NDEP’s goal is to provide accurate, timely information about Site investigations and remedial action/closure activities, as well as other important technical and administrative matters.

NDEP’s goals and strategies for community involvement will be based on the community’s needs, as NDEP gathers information and feedback from the public and stakeholders and will include, but not be not limited to:

  • Posting Site reports on the public NDEP Anaconda SharePoint website.
  • Conducting meetings with the Tribes.
  • Updating the Yerington City Council and Lyon County Commissioners.
  • Holding public meetings and providing a fact sheet at major project milestones and at least annually.
  • Posting project updates on NDEP’s Anaconda webpage dedicated to the Site cleanup process and schedule.

NDEP also maintains a dedicated email address for the Anaconda project, so members of the public and stakeholders may submit questions and comments.

Information Repository ACMS SharePoint Site

The ACMS SharePoint site can be accessed for document review by the public at this linked Anaconda — Site Documents page.

Contact Information

The following is a list of DCNR/NDEP team members to contact if you have questions, issues, or concerns:

For media inquiries or to leave a comment, contact:

For technical inquires and document comments, contact:

Samantha Thompson
Public Information Officer
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Director's Office
sthompson [at]
Paul Eckert, P.E. 
Abandoned Mine Lands Branch
Bureau of Corrective Actions, NDEP
peckert [at]

For general inquiries, contact:

For general information, go to:

acms [at]

The linked ACMS home page.

For news and updates, follow us on Facebook and Twitter:




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