Board to Review Claims Meeting Agendas & Minutes

The next meeting of the Board to Review Claims is Thursday, September 8, 2022, at 10:00 am.

Note: The deadline for claims to be submitted for the September Board meeting is July 28, 2022. 

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesSupporting Materials
2022 September 8n/an/an/a
2022 June 1pdfn/aBoard Binder
2022 March 10pdfpdfBoard Binder
2021 December 9pdfpdfBoard Binder
2021 September 9pdfpdfBoard Binder

Additional Supporting Document
2021 June 3pdfpdfBoard Binder
2021 March 11pdfpdf 
2020 December 10pdfpdf 
2020 September 10pdfpdf 
2020 June 11pdfpdf 
2020 March 30CanceledCanceled 
2019 December 12pdfpdf 
2019 September 12pdfpdf 
2019 June 4pdfpdf 
2019 March 13pdfpdf 











For information about Board meetings not listed above, contact the Bureau of Corrective Actions at (775) 687-9368

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