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For information requests for other Bureau's within NDEP, please use the NDEP Public Records Request Form or Online Public Records Request Form. 

When requesting information from the Bureau of Corrective Actions (BCA), e-mail the Bureau Records Officer noted below:

BCA, Main Records Officer
Kristi Callahan


For all Records Requests, the Bureau Records Officer must be provided with site identifying information which includes a BCA case, facility, or program ID. The ID numbers can be found by searching the BCA site cleanup database and/or the regulated UST database or by searching the BCA data layers on the NDEP online maps.  Requestors will be provided an initial response for all file review requests within 5 business days. When the requested information has been located, the BCA Records Officer will again contact the requestor to schedule a file review appointment, as staff time allows.

At the discretion of the BCA administrative staff, copy or scanning requests consisting of up to 50 double sided pages may be performed at the time of an in office review as staff time allows. Unlimited digital photos may be taken with a smart device or camera provided by the requestor.

BCA closed case files in PDF electronic format may be available for review via NDEP’s online secure file transfer site. Access details including a link to the online secure file transfer site, along with all necessary log in information, will be sent to the requestor when applicable. All PDF files and documents uploaded to the secure site are available for five business days from the date of upload.

Files in physical format may be reviewed in the office where they are currently located or may be copied in their entirety by an off-site reproduction company. BCA information release and copy request forms must be completed and returned to the BCA Records Officer prior to staff releasing files to an off-site reproduction company.

Reproduction of files, large maps, or bound reports will require the requesting party to initiate contact with the appropriate company noted below, based on the physical location of the files.

Files located in Carson City:

Files Located in Las Vegas:

Nevada Blue
280 E. Winnie Ln. 
Carson City, NV 89706
ph. (775) 883-6011

Legal Copycats
100 City Parkway, Suite 150
Las Vegas, NV 89106
ph. (702) 598-4455

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