What’s New?

June 2017 

New website

Our new website goes live on Monday, June 19th.  Each bureau at NDEP handles their own webpages, so if you see any issues, please contact that bureau.

For Water Pollution Control pages, please email Ginger Poulson at gpoulson [at] ndep.nv.gov and also cc Alexa Barredo at abarredo [at] ndep.nv.gov   

Permits Branch

Technical, Compliance, and Enforcement (TCE) Branch

  • Rollout of the updated NetDMR system for electronic reporting of Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs.)  "NetDMR (e-Reporting)" is located on our NetDMR/Permit Filing Services page from our main menu list.

For DMR and NetDMR questions, you may contact: 

Tami Weaver     Email:  t.weaver [at] ndep.nv.gov   Phone:  (775) 687-9430   or  


Amanda Dimmick     Email: adimmick [at] ndep.nv.gov   Phone:  775-687-9468


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