Subdivision Review

Subdivision Review 

Tentative and Final Map reviews are conducted by the Bureau of Water Pollution Control per Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 278 and Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 278. Improvement plans for Rural Counties (all counties excluding Clark and Washoe) are jointly reviewed by both the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water and the Bureau of Water Pollution Control. 

The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water will continue to evaluate appropriate aspects of subdivision submittals, such as the capability of the Public Water System to serve the proposed development. These activities, however, are internal to NDEP and transparent to the Public as projects are submitted for review and approval. 

Subdivisions of Land: 

Subdivisions of land as defined by NRS 278

Subdivision of land: General Provisions 

NRS 278.320 “Subdivision” defined; exemptions for certain land. 

1.“Subdivision” means any land, vacant or improved, which is divided or proposed to be divided into five or more lots, parcels, sites, units, or plots, for the purpose of any transfer or development, or any proposed transfer of development. Please see the NRS for exemptions. 

Stamp and Signature Requirements for Subdivision Maps: 

In accordance with NAC 625.610 and pursuant to NRS 625.565, all surveying maps and records, and all engineering plans, specifications, reports, or other documents that are submitted to obtain permits, are released for construction, or are issued as formal or final documents to clients, public authorities, or third parties must bear: 

  • The signature or the licensee; 
  • The stamp or seal of the licensee; 
  • The date of signing; and 
  • The expiration date of the license of the licensee 

On each sheet of the plan set.  

Payable To: 

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection or NDEP 

Submit To: 

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection: Bureau of Water Pollution Control           901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001 Carson City, NV 89701-5249 


Subdivisions within Clark County:


  • Tentative Subdivision Map: $100.00 + $1.00 per lot
  • Final Subdivision Map: $50.00 
  • Amended Final Map: $50.00
  • Reversion to Acreage Map:  $50.00 

Requirements for Review of a Tentative Map in Clark County

Requirements for Review of a Final Map in Clark County

 Subdivisions within Washoe County:


  • Tentative Subdivision Map: $100.00 + $1.00 per lot
  • Final Subdivision Map: $50.00
  • Amended Final Map: $50.00
  • Reversion to Acreage Map:  $50.00

Requirements for Review of a Tentative Map in Washoe County

Requirements for Review of a Final Map  in Washoe County

Subdivisions within Rural Counties (all counties other than Clark and Wahoe):


  • Tentative Subdivision Map: $400.00 + $3.00 per lot 
  • Improvement Plans: Click here for updated fee schedule
  • Final Subdivision Map: $400.00 + $3.00 per lot
  • Amended Final Map: $50.00  
  • Reversion to Acreage Map: $50.00 
  • Parcel Maps: No Fee Required

Please Note: The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection reviews Parcel Maps at the County’s request for the conditions of water pollution control and sewage disposal. This review is performed as a courtesy, is advisory in nature, and does not infer or contain any statutory authority. Authority for approval lies with the County. 

Requirements for Review of a Tentative Map in Rural Counties

Requirements for Review of Improvement Plans

Requirements for Review of a Final Map in Rural Counties

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection Signatures:

Currently, signatures for Final Maps within the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection are provided by:

  • April Holt, P.E.: (775) 687-9439 or


Individual Septic Disposal Systems (ISDS): 

Fees: Please refer to the fee schedule specific to the county where the ISDS subdivision will be located. 

Requirements for Review of a Subdivision using Individual Septic Disposal Systems

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection’s Septic Density Policy

Policy for the determination of the maximum number of residences on septic systems per square mile to be permitted without requiring a groundwater study to determine impact on the groundwater quality

Designated Groundwater Basins

Density Table

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