Continuing Education (Contact Hours)

Continuing Education Contact Hours Requirements:

Operators are required to maintain their knowledge and skills through the acquisition of continued training known as contact hours within each renewal certification period.  As stated on the renewal application instructions per Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)445A.641: Credit for continuing education is granted for participation in a training course that has been preapproved by the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water with verification of attendance. Please note: 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) = 10 contact hours.  Please see the link below for approved NDEP approved contact hours.

Additional Approved training courses can be found at our External Educational Resources 

Training that has not been approved by NDEP

Alternately, the Bureau of Safe Drinking Water may grant continuing education for attendance in a course that has not yet been preapproved by NDEP.  This course is required to be is relevant to the operation and maintenance of water treatment or water distribution.  Additionally, in order to receive credit for the training, you must fill out an Approval of Course of Training application and provide the requested information.  If this process is being completed at the time of renewal, please make sure to include all necessary documentation is submitted with renewal application. Otherwise, your renewal application will be deemed non-approval and you may be in risk of violation of Nevada Administrative Code 445A.646, thus having to reinstate with penalty costs incurred. 

Instructors/Contact Hour Provider: To be on our NDEP Approved Contact Hours list, submit the Approval of Course of Training application to our office. 

Application for Approval of Course of Training for Continuing Education (Contact Hours)

Course approval applications must be submitted, reviewed, and approved as per Nevada Administrative Code continuing education requirements. Operators obtaining continuing education or contact hours should determine if the course has been preapproved by our office.  If the course has not been pre-approved, an application for Approval of Course of Training will need to be completed.  It is recommended that this application be sent to our office prior to taking the course to ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements.   

Application for Course Approval - (complete online)
Application for Course Approval - PDF
Application for Course Approval - Word

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