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Nevada's Mining Approval Program

If your laboratory is reporting lab results for mining to the state for compliance, you must be currently active in the State of Nevada Laboratory Certification Program. This includes laboratories that are subcontracted to perform analyses.

Please see the certified lab list here to search for certified mining labs and parameters.

Applications for the upcoming certification year are uploaded by May 1st and the completed application and associated fees must be received by July 31st 

Information on Reporting WAD Cyanide to the State of Nevada

Current Nevada Administrative Code (NAC 445A.383) defines WAD cyanide as the cyanide concentration as determined by Method C, Weak Acid Dissociable Cyanide, D2036-082, Part 31 of American Society of Testing Materials Book of Standards

NDEP has determined acceptable comparable methods for reporting WAD cyanide. Below is a table of the prep and analysis methods that are acceptable to the State of Nevada Bureau of Mining Regulation & Reclamation (BMRR). The NV method code is to be used when reporting PT results if a TNI code does not exist. The TNI code for WAD cyanide is 2074. This method is to be used for the analysis of any liquid matrix; groundwater, surface water, process solutions and extract solutions from various procedures. All extractions, E2242, D7572, D5744, etc., must be performed by a Nevada approved laboratory. Additionally, analysis of the extract must be performed by a CWA certified laboratory.

NV Method CodesMethod Combo Prep and AnalysisAnalyte
NV-161SM4500-CN I,E*WAD Cyanide
TNI Code AvailableASTM D2036-82WAD Cyanide
TNI Code AvailableASTM D2036-06WAD Cyanide

*SM 4500-CN I is the required prep method for WAD cyanide and has been determined to be comparable to the prep in D2036-82. SM 4500-CN E is the acceptable analytical method.

WAD cyanide PTs are available under the Water Supply program from most approved PT vendors. They must be reported by an acceptable method listed above.

Contacts for Mining Labs

Any additional questions can be answered by Karl McCrea of the Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation or Jasmine Curiel of the Laboratory Certification Program. Please also check out the Information and Resources for Certified Labs page for helpful hints and links.

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