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Storm water

Other Non-point source water


The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) provides loans for infrastructure construction to publicly owned wastewater systems in Nevada. Loans can also be used to control non-point sources of water pollution.  A summary of all CWSRF loans through December 31, 2016 is mapped below.

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Financing is available at below market rates. Some communities may qualify for principal forgiveness loans.

What systems and projects qualify for funding?

State Revolving Fund Documents

Clean Water State Revolving Fund Priority List
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Priority List


Nevada Water & Wastewater Project Proposal
Environmental Information Form

Program Guidelines and Policies

Clean Water Loan Terms
Closing Grants
Draw Requests Accrual Accounting
Grants Management
Internal Controls, Accounting, and Budgeting
Service Fees

Project Guidelines and Policies

Fiscal Sustainability Plans
Capital Reserve Accounts
Refinancing Loans

Project Resources

American Iron and Steel Quick Guide
American Iron and Steel Full Guidance

“Build America, Buy America Act Implementation Procedures for EPA  Office of Water Federal Financial Assistance Programs”.

Davis-Bacon Wage Requirements

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Federal crosscutters
Guide for Preparing the Environmental Report
Preliminary Engineering Report Development Guidance
Project Signage



CWSRF Loans through January 6, 2021

Spreadsheet of CWSRF Loans Through January 6, 2021

CWSRF State Map of Loans Through January 6, 2021


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