Information for Public Water Systems/chemical monitoring

Public Water Systems Regulatory Oversight

Regulatory oversight for the Public Water System Supervision Program (PWSSP) is provided by the staff of the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. Staff at the Southern Nevada Health District and Washoe County Health District provides contractual services and local oversight in these counties.

Drinking water staff monitors water sample analysis reports, performs sanitary surveys of public water systems, reviews and approves plans for water system projects, provides and participates in public water system training, maintains essential records, revises, adopts and enforces all regulations, and maintains primacy for the PWSSP.

A public water system as defined in Nevada Revised Statute 445A.235 "means a system, regardless of ownership, that provides the public with water for human consumption through pipes or other constructed conveyances, if the system has 15 or more service connections, as defined in NRS 445A.843, or regularly serves 25 or more persons …".

The Bureau of Safe Drinking Water and the counties of Clark and Washoe are committed to ensure the provision of safe drinking water in the State of Nevada.

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