Used Oil Collection Center Registration

Used Oil Collection Center Registration Program


All Used Oil Collection Centers (UOCC) operating in the state of Nevada are required to submit a one time registration form detailing general facility information as well as owner/operator contact information.

A UOCC is defined as any site or facility that is registered by the state government to manage used oil and accepts/aggregates and stores used oil collected from used oil generators regulated under Subpart C of 40 CFR Part 279 who bring used oil to the collection centers in shipments of no more than 55 gallons under the provisions of §279.24. UOCC's may also accept used oil from household do-it-yourselfers (40 CFR 279.1).

Who Must Register

All facilities that accept/aggregate and store used oil collected from businesses.

NOTE:Household do-it-yourselfers are not regulated under Subpart C of 40 CFR Part 279. UOCC’s accepting used oil only from household DIYers are not required to register with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection. Registration is optional and highly encouraged.

How do I Register?

The registration form (in MS Word Format) can be accessed below. The form must be completed and mailed to the following address:

  • Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
    Bureau of Sustainable Materials Management
    Attn: UOCC Registration Processing
    901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 4001
    Carson City, Nevada 89701

Download Registration Form — in MS Word Format

Hard copy UOCC Registration Forms are available by contacting the Business Environmental Program at (800) 882-3233 (No. Nevada) and (702) 866-5927 (So. Nevada).

How Often Must I Register?

This is a one time registration process unless the facility changes ownership. If ownership/name of the company changes, the facility will retain the same ID number, however the new owner will be required to fill out a new form indicating changes.


What Happens Next?

After the UOCC Form is processed the facility will be assigned a site specific UOCC identification number. Typically, UOCC's must only comply with the generator standards found in Subpart C of 40 CFR Part 279; however, other used oil management requirements may apply depending on the used oil activities at the UOCC.

How do I obtain help?

The Nevada Small Business Development Center/Business Environmental Program (BEP) is available to provide free and confidential compliance assistance to any UOCC. Questions about the regulations or completing the forms should be directed to the BEP at (800) 882-3233 (No. Nevada) and (702) 866-5927 (So. Nevada) or online at


Does Nevada Impose a UOCC Registration Fee?


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