Statutes and Regulations

On August 25, 2020 the Nevada State Legislative Commission adopted into law updated regulations regarding hazardous waste. The updates are summarized in the Hazardous Waste Adoption Presentation below. 

Statutory Authority 

Regulatory Authority 


2019 - 2020 Hazardous Waste Regulation Adoption 

The Nevada State Environmental Commission adopted permanent regulation assigned R084-19, which pertains to Chapter 444 of the Nevada Administrative Code, on July 1, 2020. A copy of the regulation, as adopted, is titled "R084-19" below.

The Nevada Legislative Commission signed the regulations into law on August 25, 2020. They are now effective in the State of Nevada.

RCRA Round Table Flyer 

Hazardous Waste Adoption Presentation  Updated 11-13-19

Public Notice - 2020 Public Workshop


R084-19 Briefing of Regulations

Public Notice 2020 Regulation Adoption Meeting Notes 11-13-19

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