Waste Tires

Nevada generates approximately 2 million used/waste tires annually. A few are reused, some recycled with the remainder being landfilled. In the early '90s, the NDEP established a management program for waste tires in accordance with NAC 444A.200 - 444A.470.

The goal of Nevada's Waste Tire Management Program has always been to minimize the threat to public health and the environment that result from improper storage and disposal of waste tires. To achieve this goal, it is vital that the flow of waste tires generated from retail tire outlets are kept out of illegal tire dumps and standards be set for proper storage and disposal.

To further strengthen this program, the Legislature passed Senate Bill (SB) 186 in 2009 to augment waste tire management. To summarize, the statutory amendments state that when a waste tire management facility opens the waste tires from the county (where the facility is located) will be diverted for processing instead of landfilling. The amended statutes can be found in NRS 444.505-509, which also outlines any exceptions.


Permitted Tire Management Facilities

Ray’s Tire Exchange
730 E 4th St  Reno, NV 89512
Lunas Construction Cleanup Dumpsters & Recycling
4830 E Cartier Ave  Las Vegas, NV 89115


In Clark and Washoe Counties their Health Districts have the solid waste authority to permit and regulate waste tire management. If you are or plan to do business in those counties, contact them at the following numbers for their requirements.

Southern Nevada Health District (Clark County)  - (702) 759-0600

Washoe County Health District - (775) 328-2434 

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