Biennial Reporting Requirements

Who must report?

You are required to complete and electronically file a Biennial Hazardous Waste Report, if during 2017:

  • You generated, in any single calendar month, 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) or more of RCRA non-acute hazardous waste; or
  • You generated, in any single calendar month, or accumulated at any time, more than 1 kg (2.2 lbs) of RCRA acute hazardous waste; or
  • You generated, in any single calendar month, more than 100 kg (220 lbs) of spill cleanup material contaminated with RCRA acute hazardous waste; or
  • You treated, stored or disposed of RCRA hazardous waste on-site in a waste management unit subject to RCRA permitting requirements.

*** Effective OCTOBER 26, 2011, Small Quantity Generators (SQGs) and Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generators (CESQGs) of RCRA hazardous waste in Nevada are no longer required to file a Biennial Hazardous Waste Report.

If your site did not generate hazardous waste during the 2019 calendar year and you wish to deactivate your EPA Identification Number, follow the instructions at EPA ID Number Deactivation Request

What is the purpose of the report?

The purpose of the report is to inform the public, local government, state and federal officials about the on-site management of hazardous waste and to provide verification of the "cradle-to-grave" disposition of hazardous waste.

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What to report?

Site Identification Information
Site identification information must be reported on the first four pages of the EPA 8700-13 A/B form. You will report your current hazardous waste generator status as of the date you submit the 2019 Biennial Hazardous Waste Report on the Site ID Form in Item 10.A.1- Generator of Hazardous Waste. Your current status may be different from the status during the report year that requires you to file the Hazardous Waste Report.

Type and Quantity of Hazardous Waste Generation
The remaining pages in the report detail the type and amount of hazardous waste that was generated on-site, shipped off-site and/or received from off-site during the 2019 report year. The report also includes the EPA Identification Number of the site that hazardous waste was shipped to and from. Biennial Reports are filed for odd numbered calendar years only, such as 2013, 2015, etc.


How do you report?

*** All hazardous waste generators MUST use electronic reporting.

The NDEP is establishing a new electronic reporting system via RCRAInfo.  More information will be available at this webpage in late October.  


When is the Biennial Hazardous Waste Report due?

The 2019 Biennial Report must be submitted to the NDEP by March 1, 2020.

Does Nevada impose a report fee? No!

Need help?

To obtain free and confidential assistance or to sign up for a FREE Biennial Hazardous Waste Report training seminar in January 2018, please contact:

Nevada Small Business Development Center
Business Environmental Program
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