Government Resources

Goal 1 : Provide Effective and Leading Government Resources

Government is the glue for joining stakeholders and communities together, helping to secure and distribute resources that fuel programs designed to make Nevada more sustainable. This goal was designed to provide such effective government to enable residents, businesses, and industry to reach their sustainability goals, whether it’s cutting waste, finding a market for recyclable material, or simply knowing what to put in the recycling bin.

As the primary agency responsible for sustainability in Nevada, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) will set the foundation for sustainability programs and can establish statutes and regulations to progress forward. NDEP will review, research, and develop existing regulations, establish new regulations, lead state agencies in showcasing sustainable practices, highlight incentive programs for sustainable operations, foster collaboration among stakeholders, and secure funding sources to continue projects that help Nevada place sustainability at the center of materials management.

To accomplish this goal, NDEP will need to invest numerous hours to support existing partnerships and to achieve buy-in from stakeholders that may want to become a sustainability partner. NDEP is dedicated to providing the right resources to the right partners to build a healthy coalition that works to achieve Nevada’s sustainability goals.

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