Education and Outreach

Goal 2: Expand Education and Outreach

Education is a cornerstone of enabling Nevada to manage materials sustainably. Terms and concepts like “recycling” and “sustainability” are often confusing for the public, as they are not universally defined. Businesses are often unaware of the unexpected benefits of incorporating sustainable practices into their business model. To help respond to these challenges, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP) will become the statewide leader in sustainability education, creating an educational program aimed at businesses and the public that outlines how to get involved in recycling and sustainability programs. By educating Nevadans on what sustainability practices include, how they can participate, and why, NDEP is able to simplify important concepts to create meaningful messages and training that Nevadans can use and act upon.

To do this, NDEP will build educational programs for students, tourists, area residents, and businesses by promoting sustainability ideas throughout Nevada. Residential outreach may consist of field trips, classroom and student presentations, consumer awareness campaigns about product choice, and publications on choosing sustainable products and the effect of consumer choice on one’s community. Business outreach may consist of best management practices about production and operation, information on creating products with fewer environmental impacts and guidance for educating customers on sustainable products.

NDEP wants to enable communities to take advantage of changes and programs that benefit their needs. Rural counties have additional challenges to overcome, like the higher cost of transportation and smaller market availability. Each community will have the independence to decide what programs have the best potential for success, and NDEP will help communities find resources to develop plans that fit their unique needs. By creating diverse educational partnerships, NDEP will be able to connect groups and stakeholders with communities that can benefit from targeted expertise and help.

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