Operator Training

Nevada Administrative Code 459.9921 to 459.999 institutes an operator training component of underground storage tank regulation. Operator training requirements are designed to ensure operators have the appropriate knowledge regarding the operation and maintenance of underground storage tank systems.

Operator training requirements are intended to ensure persons responsible for the operation of an underground storage tanks have received proper training in all relevant aspects of operation, maintenance, and regulation of the tank. The regulation makes a distinction between three types of operators:

  • Class A operators have primary responsibility to operate and maintain the underground storage tank system including managing resources and personnel, such as establishing work assignments, to achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Class B operators implement applicable underground storage tank regulatory requirements and standards in the field including day-to-day aspects of operating, maintaining, and recordkeeping.
  • Class C operators are employees responsible for the initial response to alarms or other indications of emergencies caused by spills or releases from an underground storage tank

For each underground storage tank system or group of underground storage tank systems at a facility, the underground storage tanks owners or operators must identify at least one name for each class of operator. The owner or operator must keep a record of these designated operators and make the records available for review by the Division.

Individuals who have been identified as meeting the responsibilities of a Class A, Class B, or Class C operator and who have been designated through the recordkeeping requirements of the proposed regulation must receive proper training in the areas of expertise relevant to their responsibilities. Records of successful completion of training must be maintained by the owner or operator of an underground storage tank and provided to the Division upon request. The regulation dictates what areas of expertise are relevant for each class of operator and provides various options for obtaining the training.

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