Mining Reclamation Forms

R085 Affidavit Form (Fillable PDFhandicap icon, Online Form)

Annual Reclamation Disturbance Report (PDFHandicap iconFillable PDFHandicap icon, Online Form)

Contractor and Operator Certification of Cost Estimate for Reclamation on Federal, State, and Private Lands (PDFHandicap icon,Fillable PDFHandicap iconOnline Form)

Cash Bond Reclamation Personal Bond (PDF, Online Form)

Reclamation Personal Bond (PDF, Online Form)

Reclamation Surety Bond (PDF, Online Form)

Small Mining Operations Information and Documentation Filing (PDFHandicap Icon, Fillable PDFHandicap IconOnline Form)

Permit Transfer Request Form with R085 Affidavit (PDFHandicap iconFillable PDFHandicap icon, Online Form)

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