BMRR Database Reports and Map Resources

This page contains links to snapshots of the Bureau of Mining Regulation and Reclamation's (BMRR) Water Pollution Control Permit (WPCP) and Reclamation Permit databases. Each permit list is updated routinely and organized by the exploration, mine, or process facility project name. Additionally, the lists include applicable WPCP number or reclamation permit number, the operator organization name, county of operation, and general permit status or type information. BMRR staff may be contacted for specific permit questions, and all project files are available to public review by appointment.

In addition to the above database report lists, BMRR offers an online interactive map application that may be used to obtain additional information about specific projects. The map allows a user to see project locations throughout the state and select map layers to display information such as permit status, various process components, and land ownership.

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