Nuclear Tests Sites & Support Activities

Nuclear Tests and Associated Support Activities

Nevada National Security Site The NNSS is a DOE installation occupying approximately 1,375 square miles (880,000 acres) in southeastern Nye County, Nevada, . The site is federally owned; access controlled; and withdrawn from settlement, sale, location, or entry. The NNSS, as defined herein, does not include those portions of Area 25, known specifically as Yucca Mountain.

Nevada Test and Training Range Portions of the NTTR, located in Nye, Lincoln, and Clark Counties, were used by the DOE or its predecessor, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), for nuclear testing or related activities. Only those portions of the NTTR contaminated during these activities are subject to the terms of the FFACO. To date, four areas on the NTTR have been identified as the responsibility of the DOE.

Tonopah Testing Range Portions of the TTR, located in Nye County, and the activities thereon have been managed by the DOE and its predecessor agencies for the United States Air Force since an initial Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed in 1956. Approximately 370,000 acres were designated to support research related to the weapons development program. The DOE has responsibility for remediation efforts on the TTR for those sites resulting from past DOE activities.

The Central Nevada Test Area The CNTA consists of three (3) noncontiguous sites in Hot Creek Valley, approximately 80 miles east of Tonopah, NV. A large-diameter borehole specifically designed for nuclear testing was drilled at each site; however only one (1) site was utilized.

Project Shoal Area The PSA is located approximately 30 miles southeast of Fallon, NV in the Sand Springs Mountains. One underground nuclear test was conducted at this site.

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