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What does enrollment in the Fund provide?
Heating Oil Tanks
Initial Enrollment for USTs
Initial Enrollment for ASTs


What does enrollment in the Fund provide?

Regulated underground storage tank (UST) systems are required to maintain financial responsibility, pursuant to 40 CFR 280.  Enrollment in the Nevada Petroleum Fund (Fund) satisfies this requirement for federally regulated tanks. Additionally, aboveground storage tanks (ASTs) may voluntarily enroll in the Fund to ensure coverage in the event of a discharge and required cleanup.

Enrollment in the Fund costs $100 per tank, annually (NRS 445C.340). Annual invoices are generated in August and the fees are due by October 1. The renewal invoices are made available on the Nevada Environmental Activities System in each organization’s account and sent to owners and operators by postal mail.

If you have never enrolled in the Fund before, see the section below regarding initial enrollment and review our frequently asked questions about the Fund.

Heating Oil Tanks

With respect to a storage tank used to store heating oil for consumption on the same premises where the oil is stored, no fee is collected, and enrollment is not required. For more information on heating oil tank systems, please visit our underground storage tank webpage and review our heating oil tank information sheet. To apply for Petroleum Fund coverage in the event of a discharge and required cleanup of a heating oil tank system, please contact Petroleum Fund staff at 775-687-9368.

Initial Enrollment for USTs

Regulated UST systems are under the purview of the storage tank compliance branch. To learn more about these systems, visit the Underground Storage Tank page. The owner or operator of these systems must fill out an UST Notification Form (EPA Form 7530-1) in accordance with 40 CFR 280.22. Petroleum Fund staff will use the information provided on the UST notification form to provide an invoice for enrollment. 

In order to register and enroll an UST in the Nevada Petroleum Fund, an owner or operator must:

Once enrolled, the owner or operator must continue to pay the enrollment fee of $100 per tank, per year.

Initial Enrollment for ASTs

With the exception of Marina ASTs, most AST systems in Nevada are not regulated by NDEP's storage tank program; however, NRS 445C.410(b) allows for the voluntary enrollment of ASTs that are 30,000 gallons or less into the Fund. Additionally, Board Policy Resolution No. 2017-01 sets criteria for enrollment of these tanks.

In order to enroll an AST in the Nevada Petroleum Fund, an owner or operator must:

  • Create an account with NDEP using our online database system at: https://nevadaenvironmentalactivities.ndep.nv.gov
  • Input the tank information in our online database system if it does not already exist (i.e. new ASTs or ASTs not previously enrolled) or complete and submit an AST Enrollment Form to Fund staff. If the ASTs have previously been enrolled at an existing facility, we can help to locate that information.
  • Submit an enrollment request form using the online database system
  • Pay the annual $100 per tank fee
  • Enrollment will commence 6 months from date an enrollment payment is received by NDEP for a new AST or an AST system that has lapsed enrollment.

During the interim 6-month period, the owner or operator must:

  • Begin to perform monthly visual inspections of the tank systems as required by NAC 445C.250, and record the inspections on the AST Inspection Form.
  • Hire a certified tester to tightness test any underground distribution piping associated with the AST (underground piping refers to any portion of the piping residing below the surface that cannot be visually inspected).
  • Additionally, if underground distribution piping is steel, a corrosion protection system must be installed and tested prior to enrollment.

Upon completion of the 6-month interim, the owner or operator may be required to provide the following:

  • Proof of the visual AST system inspections
  • If applicable, the passing proof of tightness testing for underground piping
  • If applicable, corrosion testing for underground piping

Once enrolled, the owner or operator must continue to pay the annual enrollment fee of $100 per tank. Additionally, if an AST system has underground piping (as described above), line tightness tests and verification the corrosion system is functioning properly (if the piping is steel) must be supplied annually with the enrollment payment. ASTs with underground piping will not be reenrolled without payment and annual testing results. 

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