Board Policy Resolutions

The below resolutions outline Petroleum Fund program policies and have been heard and adopted by the State Board to Review Claims:

2023-01 Criteria the Nevada Board to Review Claims will Review when Considering Approval of Additional Funding Allotments for Cleaning up Discharges of Petroleum from Storage Tanks
2022-02 State of Nevada Petroleum Fund Cost Guidelines     Current Version
2022-01 Describes Authority Provided to the Executive Secretary of the Board to Waive Reimbursement Claim Submittal Deadlines
2020-01 Procedures Regarding the Disposition, Transfer, Sale, Maintenance, and Inspection of Petroleum Fund Reimbursed Remediation Equipment
2017-02 Payment of Uncontested Claims Prior to Board Meeting
2017-01 Criteria for AST Enrollment and Coverage Reductions
2015-01 Petroleum Fund Bid Process
2014-01 Single vs Multiple Release Sources
2013-01 Small Business Designation Process
2012-07 Spill and Overfill Report
2012-06 Criteria for Reconsideration of Board Determination
2008-04 Source Identification in Coverage Application
2005-03 Policy Resolution Regarding Aboveground Heating Oil Tanks
2003-16 Delegation of Authority for Purposes of Updating
99-022 Comingled Contamination from Eligible/Ineligible Release Sources
96-026 Roberts Rules of Order
96-002 Abandoned and Orphaned Tanks
96-001 Reimbursement of Costs Associated with UST Removals
95-001 Eligibility of Registering Storage Tanks
94-023 Reduction for Failure to Comply with Regulatory Guidelines
94-011 Copyrighted Documents

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