Board Members

The Nevada Division of Environmental Protection reviews requests for reimbursement and the Board to Review Claims approves payments from the Fund. The Board is comprised of four governor-appointed members and three statutory members.

Maureen Tappan, Chair

Representing: The General Public
Email: mtappan [at]
Expires: December 31, 2026

Jason Case

Representing: Independent Dealers in Petroleum
Email: jasoncase [at]
Expires: July 31, 2024

Rod Smith

Representing: Refiners in Petroleum
Email: rvsls2020 [at]
Expires: December 31, 2026

Lee Perks

Representing: Independent Retailers of Petroleum
Email: 54leeperks [@]
Expires: December 31, 2026

Legal Counsel

Nevada Attorney General's Office - Carson City 


Karen Stoll

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
555 Wright Way
Carson City, NV 89711-0900
Representing: Department of Motor Vehicles
Email: kstoll [at]

Jennifer Carr, Environmental Protection Administrator

Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
901 South Stewart Street, Suite 4001
Carson City, NV 89701-5249
Representing: NDEP
Email: jcarr [at]

Mike Dzyak, State Fire Marshal

Nevada State Fire Marshal’s Office
107 Jacobsen Way - Stewart Facility
Carson City, NV 89711
Representing: State Fire Marshal
Email: mdzyak [at]



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