Current Projects

The projects described below were approved for Nevada Brownfields Program funding and are in the process of conducting assessment or remediation activities.

Brewery Arts Center

The non-profit Brewery Arts Center located in at 511 West King Street in Carson City has been used as a performance hall by local organizations for almost 20 years. The Brewery Arts Center receiving funding in 2019 to conduct a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to identify the presence of asbestos in the roof and subsequently remove the asbestos-containing building materials in tandem with a roof replacement. The Phase II ESA found 7,000 square feet of roofing tiles containing asbestos. Abatement of asbestos-containing roofing tiles, funded by the Nevada Brownfields Program, will be conducted in early 2020 prior to roof replacement. See  the Brewery Arts Center Fact Sheet for more information.

City of Wells Mixed Use Redevelopment Sites

The City of Wells (Elko County) has established a new RDA to provide tax and other incentives to developers and new businesses in order to promote redevelopment. The City of Wells received funding from the Nevada Brownfields Program to assess sites for environmental contamination and suitability for redevelopment. If interested in exploring redevelopment opportunities on these properties, please contact Jolene Supp, Wells City Manager, at 775-752-3355 or

1010 6th Street

  • The 2.41 acre parcel is a former gas station that has undergone previous environmental remediation. 
  • A Phase I ESA is currently underway to investigate the potential for additional contamination. 

1222 6th Street

  • The 8.5 acre property comprises a single-story commercial office building, storage structure, and undeveloped land.
  • A Phase I ESA was performed in May 2018, and a Phase II ESA to conduct groundwater sampling and an asbestos survey of the building materials is currently underway.  

Sutro Tunnel

The Sutro Tunnel site is a 27 acre historic mill site located in Dayton. The property adjoins the Sutro Tunnel, a project completed in 1878 to provide drainage to the Comstock Era mines in the Virginia City region. In addition to several buildings, a mill historically operated on the property circa the 1900s to 1910s. The Nevada Brownfields Program is currently funding Phase I ESAs to investigate the potential for environmental contamination within the buildings as well as the soil and water of the property. NDEP anticipates funding Phase II ESAs to conduct sampling activities on the property to further investigate potential contamination on the property. 

Las Vegas Historic Westside 

This site consists of three parcels that formerly comprised the New Jerusalem Worship Center, and were purchased by the City of Las Vegas in 2018 for redevelopment. Phase I ESAs were completed in 2019, which indicated the potential precense of asbestos and lead-based paint. A Phase II ESA is currently underway to conduct sampling activities on the property to determine the level of contamination. 

Bristlecone Apartments, Ely

The Bristlecone Apartment complex comprises 68 affordable apartment units. The Nevada Brownfields Program is conducting significant asbestos abatement in all apartments with the goal of maintaining affordable housing in rural eastern Nevada. 

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