Contractor Assistance

The Nevada Brownfields Program (NBP) provides funding to government entities and non-profits with eligible sites to assess and/or clean-up contaminated properties. Up to $200,000 in contractor assistance is available to perform property records searches to assess potential contamination, conduct onsite investigations of contamination, and clean-up environmental contamination.

Interested parties can apply at any time. No match is required and all assessment and remediation work is performed by state contractors on behalf of the applicant.

Eligible Applicants

  • Local governments and other government entities
  • Tribal governments
  • Non-profits

Applicants must not be responsible for the site’s contamination.

Eligible Sites

Sites must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Nevada Brownfields Program grants:

  • The presence of real or perceived contamination by petroleum, asbestos, lead-based paint, or other hazardous substances.
  • Strong redevelopment potential where redevelopment will benefit the community and has community support.

Sites are NOT eligible if they are:

Owned by the State or Federal government;
Currently owned by the party responsible for the contamination;
Subject to enforcement action;
Listed or proposed to be listed on the EPA’s Superfund list.

Eligible Activities

Perform property records searches (Phase I Environmental Site Assessments)
Conduct onsite investigations of contamination (Phase II Environmental Site Assessments)
Safely and properly clean-up environmental contamination, including petroleum, asbestos, lead-based paint, and other hazardous substances.

How to Apply

1.     Confirm applicant and site eligibility. Contact the Nevada Brownfields Program at (775) 687-9572 with any questions.

2.     Complete the NBP Funding Application and submit via email or mail.

Email to:Ruben Ramos-Avina
 rramos-avina [at]
Mail to:Nevada Division of Environmental Protection
 Brownfields Program, BCA
 901 S. Stewart Street, Suite 4001
 Carson City, NV 89701

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