Emissions Reduction Credit Program

Effective October 27, 2015 the NDEP adopted a new, voluntary program (pdf) intended to assist in growth and economic development in areas designated nonattainment for a national ambient air quality standard(s) (NAAQS). The program provides offsets for a new major stationary source wishing to locate in a nonattainment area or for an existing facility to make a major modification, while at the same time providing air quality benefits. This program provides for the creation, banking, transfer and use of Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs). In a nonattainment area, if a facility reduces emissions through an operational change, a reconfiguration or a shutdown, the program allows the facility to request credit for the reductions and bank a reduced portion of the credit for future use or sale. The emission reductions used to generate an ERC must be surplus, permanent, quantifiable and federally enforceable.

For information contact Lisa Kremer, Chief, Bureau of Air Pollution Control at lkremer[at]ndep.nv.gov or 775-687-9336.

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