Nevada Mercury Control Program - Support Documents

More about the NMCP

The NMCP is a robust set of regulations which were created and adopted rapidly. The NMCP is contained in a rather compact set of rules which addresses many topics required to establish the Maximum Achievable Control Technology (NvMACT) for the reduction of mercury emissions. The legal language of the Nevada Revised Statutes does not read easily; therefore, the NDEP created a more detailed "white sheet (pdf)" paper to describe the key concepts.

Program Time Lines

Unique to the NMCP is specific time lines for the submission of applications, application review, permit issuance, and control technology installation. This means that key Programmatic events (pdf) happen for all the facilities in industry at the same time.


The NMCP is a technology-based program which requires facilities to add Maximum Achievable Control Technology for the reduction of mercury emissions. Many of the mining and control technology concepts are technical; therefore, the NDEP created the "NMCP Wiki (pdf)" as a reference of mining and control technology terms and concepts. If you would like to add a reference to the NMCP Wiki, please contact the webmaster.

Download Application Forms

Form DescriptionRevision DatePDFDOCXLS
Carbon Adsorption Unit Worksheet--DOC-
Mercury Operating Permit to Construct Application10/2006PDFDOC-
NMCP Method 29 Source Test Report Format-PDF--
NMCP Method 29 Protocol Response Letter-PDF--
NMCP Method 29 Source Test Summary Table---XLS

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