Registration/Change of Ownership

Annual Registration

Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) establishes the registration requirements for facilities that produce, use, store or handle designated quantities of listed substances (NAC 459.95348). Pursuant to the regulation, annual registration is required of facilities that have one or more processes subject to the provisions of CAPP. The NDEP requires submittal of these registrations by June 21st of each year. Annual Registration will begin June 1st of each year.

The Annual CAPP Registration will be completed on-line through the CAPPTrack site. The required CAPPTrack registration information is similar to information required in previous years. For facilities that have previously used CAPPTrack, the facility registration file is populated with the prior year’s registration information and requires minimal data verification and editing.

To begin registration, go to the CAPPTrack site. Please note that a UserID and Password are required to proceed further. If needed, contact kelly.thomas[at] for this information. Registration information from last year has been prefilled for your convenience. Please check this data and correct it as necessary.

Note: The reporting requirements for the Chemical Accident Prevention Program are different from those of the Nevada State Fire Marshal. The State Fire Marshal's Consolidated Reporting Form does not satisfy the Chemical Accident Prevention Program registration.

Form DescriptionRevision DatePDFWebsite
CAPPTrack site--Website
CAPPTrack Instructions-PDF-


Change of Ownership

Whenever the owner or operator of a facility changes in between registration periods, a Change of Ownership Form must be filed with NDEP within 14 days of the transfer. (NAC 459.95333)

Form DescriptionRevision DatePDFDOC
Change of Ownership Forms12/2014PDFDOC

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