Smoke Management

Smoke Management

The purpose of the Nevada Smoke Management Program is to coordinate and facilitate the management of open burning in the state of Nevada. This program is designed to meet the requirements of NRS445B.100 through 445B.845, inclusive which deal with air pollution, and the requirements of the EPA Interim Air Quality Policy on Wildland and Prescribed Fires (May 1998).

The Smoke Management Program Plan details the applicability of the program and responsibilities of affected parties. It provides information on permit requirements for those land managers using prescribed fire and wildland fire use as a land management tool. It also includes information on air quality monitoring at prescribed fires, burner qualifications, and emission reduction methods.

This program in no way supersedes the authority of local governments to regulate and control smoke and air pollution under NRS 244.361 and NRS 268.410 or the authority of the state forester to regulate controlled fires under NRS 527.122 through 527.128.

 All Open Burn Permit Applications should now be submitted online. Submit an Open Burn Permit Application.

The Smoke Management Program recently launched an interactive web map that displays the location of active permits for prescribed burns and current active prescribed burns. As permit applications and burn notifications are received, the map will be updated on a daily basis.

The Prescribed Burn web map can be accessed here.

View the Complete Smoke Management Program Plan here

  • Appendices from the Smoke Management Plan:
    • Appendix 1 -- Open Burn Permit Application and Instruction Sheet
    • Appendix 2 -- List of western state and Nevada Tribal Lands contacts
    • Appendix 3 -- Applicable State and Local Statutes and Regulations
    • Appendix 4 -- State of Nevada Post Burn Emissions Report form

The Nevada Handbook for Agricultural Open Burning is available for downloading. (10 Pages, 540KB)

Forms and Documents

  • Decision Matrix for Agricultural Open Burning
  • Smoke Management and Permitting Pathway

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